track not accepted.

Hello! Like hundreds of other users, I ask for help and advice. Track rejected … What am I doing wrong? Maybe a level … Maybe a mismatch to the genre … Or am I going in the wrong direction? Or mixing? The explanations always follow the pattern, but there are no direct recommendations …


The track sounds great, except all the synths. I’d advice you to change all synths sounds, or maybe put some procession chain on them to get more rock/metal tone (more driven and deep sound). At the moment they have some kind of ‘toy’ feeling in the tone. The rest of the track sounds great to my ears, it has punch and sounds big and groovy. You can try to get rid of all lead parts of synths in the next tracks and replace them with guitars, it can work.

Good luck!

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Thanks for the advice! It is very important for me )

That’s an amazing song for a boss fight

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Hello my friend,

As time progresses, the standards of music are getting higher too.

While this is an awesome track, it lacks of aesthetics (delay , reverb and so on) and sounds-mix is a bit outdated. You could have the same instruments but with a modern attitude to them (use distortion, guitar amps-cabs, layering etc etc to make interesting sounding instruments)

The starting synth, is pretty mono , outdated, and dry almost

Use layering, you could use many more layers of the same motif and create an awesome sounding synth, a wall of sound, rather than sounding like that.

Also a tip, while you start with an action motif etc etc, at the end you introduce a melody, which is new, and you also end the song with that. That in my opinion, makes the song finish with an unexcpected ending. I would not end it like that but rather like you started!

I think you have nice skills but they need enhancement, practice and experience.
Don’t give up and keep it up!

Mixing wise, the volumes etc are nice, but the aesthetics of synths is a bit outdated as also @FirTreeAudio said , you need a bit more modern sound. Don’t misunderstand me, these instruments are nice, but they lack of some modern touch, you could layer some sounds beneath to give some details to make them modern, right now they are dry and very 80s

Guitar and drums sounds awesome!

Good luck!


Thank you very much! Every tip is very important! )