Track has been rejected. Any ideas?

Hi all!
Track has been rejected. Any ideas?

Bad mix
Bad arrangement
Bad sequencing / playing
Bad arpeggio
Bad choice of sounds / sample libraries

Perhaps an alternative to save this track is to squash the hell out of it through processors, analog tape simulators, wobble it with some VHS or Vinyl simulator (there are a few good ones out there) and re-uploadit naming it “Worn VHS” or “Old VHS music” or something like that. It’s still a bit niche and it might work.

This one is nice and it’s still on BFriday discount and Izotope’s is free.

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Almost noone use phaser in nowadays production. BUT you can twist it as suggested above and try to make synthwave track out of it


Thank you, guys!

It could be better. :wink:

Brutal, but true.

This is what happens when authors submit music to sell in the hope of making a sale but the item is not at the required standard and is not commercially viable. How many tracks are in this category? We shall never know but rest assured that there are probably dozens if not hundreds per day that the reviewers have to wade through. Yes my feedback maybe seen as “brutal” but if authors do not listen to existing tracks and learn what is acceptable then we shall see the review queue increase and the marketplace swamped with poor quality items. Envato needs to raise the general standard but I guess AJ is lost anyway due to Elements.


Sad, brut true :grinning:

Maybe it depends on what AJ is trying to be? Is it trying to be a place that champions high quality music, or is it trying to be a place that enables absolutely anyone with some creativity to “earn and learn”?