Track Guitar Rejected!



Could someone help me, about what could be bad, to be rejected by A.J? :confused:


Hi, drums too plastic and low quality. I think so


I’m using EZDrummer 2, I bought some time …
Are not they good?


I do not know, I did not use them, but the drums sound bad here. I use SSD


I’ll try to change the timbre … change the mix!


Good luck, friend!


Thank you bro !


I think the drums sound ok, but i think the melodic guitar parts need to be clearer, there is nothing to ‘focus’ on when listening. It is also a lot longer that the usual 2.30ish for audiojungle.


I previously did this version, but A.J rejected … :neutral_face:


The first version is better than the second. More clearer, there are tracks on AJ and more than 5 minutes, so it’s certainly not in the length of the track))


It’s correct, I’ll improve it!


Try to set the balance of the drums, especially the crash to make a little quieter and quieter Cymbals do a little … In general, operate on the mix.