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Greetings! New to this place…curious if you guys think this would be accepted or not. Thanks for any feedback!


I would say just not commercial sounding !


Thank you so much for your feedback! I appreciate it. What do you mean “not commercial sounding”? Wondering if you can be more specific, or anyone. I’ve read all the tips available from AJ, I’ve listened to lots of Best Sellers but of course don’t want to make a copycat and get rejected! Sooo…
Is it:
I’ve got a nice piano drone thing setting the stage cause drone things are everywhere on AJ. It comes in in a windy blast like nearly every top seller in corporate. Then there’s some pad-y and synth texture stuff filling it out, plus a live drum kit. In the ‘chorus’ the melody takes over - not too catchy or distracting but enough to latch on to a little - just like during the verse. The intro isn’t long and there’s a definite ending.

Mixed and mastered in Digital Performer and to me this mix sounds absolutely fine everywhere I play it. Loud, clear, mix is fine.

Instrument quality?
The piano is MOTU Symphonic Instrument and sounds as good to me as any piano. Drums I played through EZ Drummer, again, totally pro plugin used everywhere. Bass is live, Fender P. Synths are Moogs - none better.

Thanks I’m truly curious.


Hi. I think it’s a combination of instrumentation, arrangement and the quality of the mix makes it sounding not “commercial”. You should realy improve the mix, it sound a kind blurred to me and the frequencies of the different instruments are not nuanced cleanly. Maybe I would change the high synthline.


Thats great thank you so much!


Sorry I forgot to ask also - if an item is rejected for a ‘bad mix’ say - do they tell you that and allow a resubmit? or is rejection just a one way street?


I can answer that ^ one - nope - hard reject. An improved mix won’t do it, and I have no idea what the actual problem is. This is kinda really frustrating! That’s two hard rejects. Here is my next submission, will this too get rejected? Any feedback prior to submission would be great thanks.