Track and manage own statement (partners income sharing)

Ehi guys,

How you keep track of your sales? I guess you don’t use statement page, it wasn’t friendly before change of policy and now isnot better.

I thought I’d have at least a filter to see sales for each item, but I noticed I haven’t. This is my primary need because I share income of my item with other authors, now I have one item and I can see the total of sales, but when I will have more then one, how can I know income of each item without lost my head in statement page?

Nobody? There is no an author that give me some tips on this? :weary:

There’s probably a better way, but I’d just whip up a simple Excel file where I just type in the total amount of sales from the item page at the end of the month and it automatically works everything out.

Thank you SpaceStockFootage, first time this was my thought, but I have little bit afraid that could be some issue in this way. For example if envato change price of items, like happened recently, you can’t just multiplicate price per sales.

And now there is also the plus support plus to keep track…

I always track from portfolio. You will see item sales and total amounts of sales.