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Hi all,
I uploaded a “Florence walking Tours” and I set “Florence” and "Best of Florence " as tags.

Then I entered the “Coliseum Tour” and I set “Gladiators” , “Rome” as tags

The problem is that the “Coliseum Tour” page shows the follwing tags : “Gladiators” , “Rome” but also “Florence” and “Best of Florence”.

The proper feature was that the “Coliseum Tour” page would show only “Gladiators” and “Rome” as tags.

Is it possible? I think is a bug, in fact this feature is properly done in the Product Page. So the problem is only fot the Tour page.

Please let us know

Thanks in advance


How can anybody help you without link from your site or name of template???
Did you contact theme developer?

Hi Zacc, I’m sorry

Here below you can see our web site

the theme is

In the following page , a Tour Page, you can see the widget named Product Tag

As you can see the widget shows all the tags of all the Tours while the tags of this specific tour are only 6 : botticelli venus, galleria uffizi, uffizi gallery, uffizi guided tour, Uffizi museum, uffizi tour

We want the widget to show in the Tour Page only the 6 tags, not all the tags.

In an other kind of page , a Product Page, the widget shows only the tags related to the specific product . The tags are " tag 1" and "tag 2 ". Please, see the below page.

Can the widget named Product Tag show in a Tour Page only the tags related to the single Tour instead of showing all the tags of all the Tours, like the the same widget does in a Product Page?

Thanks in advance for your support

Hi @giacomo_ceravolo,

Welcome to the forums! You may need to contact author of Adventure Tours theme, as you probably will not get that kind of support here, on general forums. In case of any problems, here’s how to contact an author on ThemeForest:


Perfect! thak you.