Touch Carousel/ Royal Slider Customization or Just looking to hire help for solution


Hi! I’ve purchased your Royal Slider and Touch slider and both are amazing! I am using the touch slider for the “Carousel” like thumbnails on this page: . I’m currently using the post type as “pages” and It’s working out great however to control the order of the thumbnails, I have to change the date of each page, which is fine, however I was wondering if there was a way to use the “Royal Slider” for this oppose to the touch carousel. This way I could control the order easier and link the thumbnails to the pages. I’m not sure if this is possible using these plugins or if there is another solution someone could recommend. My main concern is that it’s simple for my client to use on the backend.



you should contact the author directly. Chances are the author of royal slider won’t see this. Here is his profile page