Total Wordpress Themes - 6,666 or 1,800?

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A very basic question - within the Wordpress themes section ( it says in the header ‘6,666 WordPress themes’. However, there are only 60 pages within the Wordpress section. So 30 themes per page times 60 pages only comes to 1800 themes. Were are the remaining themes or is the 6,666 number made up in a different way?

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I think Envato market system is counting total approved item since started, some items are hide, & some removed!

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Firstly, many thanks ilmosys for taking the time to reply to my post. I very much appreciate it.

That makes a lot of sense if that is the case. It just seems like a lot of items that have then been removed and a big difference between 6,666 and 1,800. I know from experience many have been removed since I started using TF many years ago. If it means the items on TF are now of a higher quality and more updated, then I am all for that :slight_smile: !


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Here’s your answer

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Thank you ki-themes. That answers my question perfectly. Many thanks again for taking the time to reply to me. I very much appreciate it.

That Was Envato Bug - The Pagination was limited to 60 in all marketplaces -