Total Theme's Latest Update - Mobile Menu has disappeared

The latest update of Total theme for WP caused mobile menus to disappear on devices. And I noticed that there have been items removed in the Customize area for mobile menu as well. Wanted to make people aware. Any site I’ve done using this theme, I now have to go back and choose a different layout for the mobile menu so it will appear again.
UPDATE: it seems that only the mobile menu choice of the icon being under the logo is what is messing up. I checked other sites and theirs are showing up fine as long as I had a color choice in there and it was set to have the icon on the right, not under the logo. Sorry guys! Still hoping it can be looked into though because of the missing icon size field.

Hello @nancygolliday

Welcome to the forums! Have you tried to reach out to theme author for support?


HI @nancygolliday - here’s our guide on requesting theme support for Total. We’d be happy to help if you’re still seeing an issue.

Thank you so much for emailing!

Yes, I’m actually having a problem with the “icon size” – it seems to have disappeared from the customize/header/mobile menu area…I had it set at 40px, but the field disappeared I’m assuming during the last update because that’s when I noticed it on mobile.

I’ve got a few clients using Total and I use it for both of my websites…I absolutely love it, it’s the only theme I’ll ever use again!!!


Hi Nancy! We haven’t seen any tickets from your username. If you could please follow our guide on requesting theme support for Total we’d be happy to help. We only offer item support on the item page (for general or pre-purchase questions) or via our ticketed support for customers with a valid support license. Unfortunately there are people using illegal copies of our theme and this is the best way we have of ensuring our customers are our support priority :slight_smile:

Hi, i dont know if thats the same problem or topic i have but i try.

I have in my menu a topic Contact and when i go to a browser with that page there comes another submenu page from another category in my menu… What is wrong? how can i fix that? i have done anything already but not succussful
Thx in advance for your help