Total rejection ;)))

Any thoughts appreciated


Hey, actually I like your tracks a lot! “Rock Theme 02” sounds a bit like The Pixies on Bossanova, the sax thing sounds like the opening to a free jazz orgy, “Rock Theme 02” is quite powerful, “Glitched Chill” sounds as if it’s right out of a crazy noir dystopian TV series and the “Acoustic LoFi Blues” is, well, quite an authentic LoFi Blues which could easily accompany True Detective!

But, as is already obvious from my comment, I think this music is way too eclectic for the typical stock music audience. Just listen to the top sellers, usually they provide slick, polished and feelgood music for advertising use, etc. – which is totally cool as there is an audience for all kinds of music in the world, surely for yours also! – On the other hand, this is my first active day over here, so don’t take my word for the ultimate verdict :grin:

A few words on the production though, which I in general also really dig: All songs might be a bit too dynamic for commercial use (…where paragraph 2 comes into play again). Imagine the reaction of let’s say the audience of a TV commercial when the volume suddenly drops by 10 dB when your blues track is playing after a blastingly loud track from the clip before!

After all, in my opinion these tracks are amazing and you are a very talented musician. If you really want to, you should be able to produce tracks which are ‘more commercial’ with ease! On the other hand, you could extend these ideas into whole tracks, maybe even with vocals, start gigging etc… - I followed you on SC because I really dig your stuff.



Hey man, thanks for your review! Well, I guess I have to think deep about what you’ve just said)
But as a former radio-production soundengineer, I thought it would be useful if some tracks have a plenty of headroom for further processing… At least in my times on working with stuff like that - I wish I had it that way, for sidechaining and mastering and so on.

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