Total cost when buying an audio for music broadcast and film

Hi guys,

My company needs to purchase an audio for music broadcast and film. To be specific, this audio:

I need to know the exact bill I will need to pay in order to fill in the advance expense application. It seems like i will also need to pay for handling fee and some other fees.
Please let me know the total bill for this audio.

Thanks a lot.

Hey @dentsuone1!
Thanks for your interest in my music. The price of the type of license you choose is the final price you pay (the fees are included in the listed price); that is $400 for Music Broadcast & Film license.
Please note that if you are from EU, you can be charged for VAT if you don’t represent a business or don’t have a business VAT registration number. If you have a valid VAT business registration number, you will pay only the listed price and will have to pay VAT to your local tax authorities.
Hope it helps and don’t hesitate to contact me if you need any help, here on the forum or on my audiojungle page.
Best wishes,

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