Toronto, We Got You.

Well Torontonians and others from around the centre of the universe, it’s time! We know that a EuroTour has got you irked! How can we spend so much time on The Continent without even considering it’s long lost liberal cousin in North America?!

Have no fear, this is your time to shine. Fresh on the heels of the Great European Road Trip will be YOUR VERY OWN MEETUP complete with Envato hosts from around the world.

Get out your hockey jerseys, maple syrup, poutine fork and a fresh set of sorry’s because Envato is headed your way!

EnvaTO Meetup - June 24th
Batch Brewery
75 Victoria Street

RSVP now and if we’re lucky, we’ll be able to convince Justin Trudeau to show up and give us all a yoga lesson.


wish i was there,
i left to India recently.

Make sure the Melbourne crew pack a suitcase full of milk… it’s nearly 60% more expensive in Toronto than it is in Melbourne. That’s my top tip of the day.

Does our 60% more expensive milk go well with your 60% more expensive coffee? :stuck_out_tongue:


Happy to pay for quality @KingDog

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