Пропажа денег с счёта.

Good afternoon. I am an aspiring author. I have accumulated a small amount in my account. He was debited from the account at a certain point. It is not clear where. My PayPal is empty. I’m not sure if I had any account at the time of debiting. PayPal is available now. Where was the amount debited? Can I return it? Please help me with these questions. Thank you very much.

To check where your money went you need to see which payout method is set on your author dashboard. That’s on the left side of your dashboard, so once there, just click “Payout Method”. What you see there is where your money went. If there wasn’t entered any payment method, then you will receive next month, after you add PayPal.
Regarding this month payment, it’s rolling out at the moment.

If you want to talk to support team about missing payment, please submit a request here. They will look into that and let you know what happened with that amount.

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