Ошибка я так думаю

Доброго времени суток, я на AudioJungle c 2012 года, но не могу загрузить трэки upload, определяет как нового артиста. И вопрос, почему можно становится автором вновь и вновь, это ведь ошибка ? Сайт должен определить что “Вы уже являетесь автором”

I’ve been on AudioJungle since 2012 but can’t upload tracks as a new artist. And the question is, why can you become an author again, is this a mistake? The site should determine that “You are already an author”

Is this the first time you try to upload a track?
If the answer is yes, you should read this;

the whole problem is that I’m not a new author, registered since 2012, the change rules say that old accounts will not be affected.

No, is not about register an account is abot upload the first track.

yes this is my first time trying to upload a track

Then that link i posted affect you.

unfortunately the link did not help, I see that it says that old accounts will not be affected, I’m not a new author, but I didn’t add tracks, and I still can’t upload tracks

Have an account doesnt mean that you are an author, is when you upload your first track.