Выплата авторам.

Can you tell me how the fee is charged to Russian authors? the track is sold for $ 38, it is written to me it will be $ 30, even if it is 50-50, then I should be $ 15 . but why do I get only $ 10 when selling a track ??? what this?

Hi @Nikita-kit,

( ( List Price/Purchase Price - Buyer fee ) - Withholding Tax ) - Author fee = Author Earning

Maybe that sale was for US customer and Withholding Tax has taken.


and why should I pay for the buyer? even if he pays tax, since he is from the USA, I should receive 70% of the price, am I an exclusive author? and I get only 15% and so constantly, from this income fell by more than 50%!!!

You don’t need to pay buyer fee, buyer fee included with your item price. when you set the price for your item there buyer included with your item price. you can check it by going to edit page of your item ‘Update Description & Price’ section.

For reducing US backup withholding tax (24%) you should to submit your TAX information form. If you submit the form with your TAX information then only tax will be taken for US sale and TAX percentage depends on your country.
US Tax Treaties:

Otherwise you have to give US backup withholding tax (24%) for all of your sale.

I have filled out form w8. can you check everything is ok?

I also filled out form w8. can you check everything is ok?

Please Contact Author Support and let them know. Support Team will be happy to assist you.