عدم قبول موقعي للبيع

Created a HTML theme in the ‘crypto’ section. However was hard rejected after a week of review. It would be nice to be given a little guidance as to what to do to, to fix it. Maybe you guys can help.


Hello my friend, I have reviewed your project, it seems that your project is not complete!

Try to make it larger and more branching (more than one page or theme), such as adding the

Home page,

vehicles page,

services page,

features page,

reviews page,

communication page.
Make them separate pages and link them to each other, as well as the display page, read more and the check out page, all these pages add and link them to be in the form of Integrated theme.

And try add about us page

And try add privacy & terms page.

*I wish you all the success :smile: *