A very bad mix. The track doesn’t sound monolithic. The instruments don’t mix well. It’s too experimental for commercial music.

Interesting track, but doesn’t sound particularly Audiojungly. I don’t like the drums at all… The rest is OK, I guess.

Try listening to the top selling tracks here. They are catchy, not… rude.

Synthesizers sound very boring and monotonous. Also there is a midi effect. I think you need to listen carefully to the top tracks and take a look at them. But do not copy, but do something your own.

Hi @FenderTremolo.

Mix/master is very bad, you got quite distortion in the sound itself, drums are squashed of that bass synth which sound really cool, nice vsti. Work more on arrangement, you could try another melody on that bass progression and some sidechain technique could work. But mix is mandatory…

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