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How to Clean Pointe Shoes (What Amazing!)

A ballerina is indispensable a couple of pointe shoes. Cleaning is very necessary. If you pay attention, the front of the pointe shoes has the wooden blocks that cannot be wetted. That’s why you may not only use the dishwasher soap to remove the dirt out of your pointe shoes. So, how to clean pointe shoes? In this article, we will provide how to clean and tips to take care your pointe shoes effectively.

Clarify How to Clean Pointe Shoes Right Away

Cleaning Your Pointe Shoes

– What You Need:

A toothbrush/ nail brush/ small brush
Baking soda
Soapy water
Hand towel
– Steps You Need to Follow:

Step #1 – Take paper tape in order to cover the wooden blocks in front of your shoes. Like that, they will not get wet.
Step #2 – Prepare a tub that contains the soapy water, a toothbrush, a hand towel. Use the hand towel to dry your shoes as soon as cleaning.
Step #3 – Utilize the soapy water to clean the pointe shoes, by dipping the prepared brush in there, then, rub on your shoes. With the ribbons, just need to wash in a normal way. Don’t forget to dry as you clean.
Step #4 – After completing the step #3, repeat that process again. Continue adding a little soap in the water and clean. Your pointe shoes are clean completely, aren’t they? Unless you will have to repeat this until you do not see any dirt.
Step #5 – Now, you can remove the paper tape that you use in the step #1 to protect the front part from wetting. Place your shoes under the shade until dry. On the other hand, you may also use a hairdryer.
Step #6 – There are the tough stains on your pointe shoes that the steps above cannot clean entirely. Yes, baking soda will be an optimal option.
Mix a right amount of baking soda and water. Dip the brush or cloth in that mixture and directly apply on the stains. Leave a moment until dry. Then, you can wipe away. In addition to removing the hard stains, it still helps deodorize.
Step #7 – In some cases, you do not even have the chance to clean your pointe shoes, they have worn in a quick manner. So, are there the ways to last the use time?
Don’t leave the padding when cleaning the pointe shoes. Wait for the shoes dry, then, use because the wetness will make the wooden block damaged. There is a reason why we recommend to using the paper tape from the first step.
Use the professional liquid type of the pointe shoe hardener at the position that your toes will have to touch. Remember to utilize the brush to clean after.

The Alternative Cleaners for Your

  1. Laundry Detergent
    It can say that this is an ideal replacement if you do not have or want to use baking soda. The use is very simple. Apply a bit of laundry detergent on the toothbrush or cloth after directly dabbing on the tough stains. Continuously, take a dampened cloth to clean the residue.

  2. Calamine Lotion
    A large number of people use calamine lotion as the pointe shoe cleaner. Basically, its color is similar to the satin shoes that are pink. Just take a little calamine lotion. Dip a cotton ball in there. Apply over the stains. By this way, the stains will be absorbed. Your shoes will look like new.

Some Tips to Take Care of the Pointe Shoes

To keep and be able to use the pointe shoes for a long time, keep these tips in your mind!

To Reinforce
As mentioned, the pointe shoes are quickly worn, so the ends need to be reinforced – the platform of the pointe shoes. By what means? – Apply the nail polish layer and remember rosin to avoid slipping.

To Dry
Your feet quickly sweat when dancing. Time to time, your pointe shoes are easy to damage. So, you ought to dry your shoes when taking a rest, by placing them in a dry position without a radiator.
In case you have two couples, it is really good. You can alternate each other.

Put in The Refrigerator
You should know that the heat may make your pointe shoes become worse, especially, the box and sole.
Correspondingly, once you recognize that they are soft, you let put them in your fridge. Like that, not only the durability is longer but the lifespan will also last anymore.

Get Pockets
Exactly, slipping-on is easy to happen with a pair of pointe shoes. Accordingly, if you want to get the dance steps easily without making your shoes damaged, you should equip the pockets.

To Clean
Follow our guides above. Don’t forget to clean them regularly. Avoid using the dry cloth and rub strongly.


Don’t directly apply the water on your pointe shoes if you do not want them to get worn quickly.
Leave your shoes dry entirely, then, use.
To dry the pointe shoes, you can place them in front of the fan or on the window board overnight.
Don’t use the brush to rub the pointe shoes.
Final Words

Yes, the pointe shoes are easy to be damaged if we do not clean them in a right way. Being a ballerina, you will want to protect your favorite shoes to use them longer https://www.footguru.net won’t you? Well, how to clean pointe shoes including the specific steps above will be useful for those who do not know or are cleaning their shoes improperly.


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