Topic is closed! Friends, thank you very much for your comments :)

Friends, thank you very much for your comments :slight_smile:

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I dunno what’s wrong with it, sounds good to me. Maybe it’s just not a fit for the type of music that sells well here.

Thank you for your opinition @SmartOwlMusic… I did not understand why they made such a decision…

I am really sad this time.

Such odd consequences breaking my motivation :frowning:

I had hope for this track

There loss not yours.

intro way too long.
after some time get way too repetitive.
maybe the armony need to blend better in mixing when the other parts come in.
the end changes abruptly.
my thoughts on this.

Thank you, for your comment @LEFSARTS

They did not reject this track for the reasons they gave, that’s for sure. The mix is decent for sure, the pluck a bit loud maybe, but overall fine. They are being a little harsher than they have been in the past, that’s for sure. Keep your hopes up!

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Thank you very much @InLight-Tone… For your great and detailed interpretation…

your comments was very helpful for me :slight_smile: