Top new files

Just idly looking at the top new files for the past month and saw that the one at the top has supposedly sold 1,601 times since being created on 13 October 2016 (see!

Suspect the date created might not be correct…


I also think that it is a glitch , the day when he was in the top the new files he had 1400 sales somewhere ) ( it was somewhere on 17-18 October)

Hm…really, very strange guy…

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If it’s real, than great job! :smiley:

That track is from 2010 if I’m not mistaken. Definitely a glitch, but it seems nothing has happened to fix it :stuck_out_tongue:

I suspect it might have been reinstated by Envato after being deleted (possibly by accident), thus creating a new ‘created on’ date. But an inadvertent side effect is to push the track up into first place in the top new files for a month!


Yes that’s true. It might have been deleted due to the new PRO rules and re-uploaded after the author updated their PRO setting.

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According to comments, the track was set to hidden around seven months ago and brought back up this month. Nice glitch to encounter :slight_smile:

What?that must be really a glitch. Wish they fix that soon :frowning:

He probably forgot to specify whether it is in the PRO, its account was blocked, and then restored. I’ve heard that these glitches happen after such a …

I would like this glitch to the top of new files to go in the first place ! :grin:

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You guys just underestimate the corporate power.


I also!!!)))

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Nice new logo by the way. :slight_smile:

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I noticed it more than once, i think it’s just a bug

Most likely it is a mistake.

It’s definitely error in Web. See reviews for the item, I found 1 review older 6 months. :wink:

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Common glitch site. Nothing new))

Yes , it will still be up to November 13 , I would also like to have my old track got by mistake to the TOP !!! ))) :wink:
Why not ?

:sunny:Their mistake ! you luck… :smile:

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