"Top New Authors" question

Hi! First of all happy new year everybody! Let’s new year bring you a lot of sales! And big thanks to Envato for this great opportunity!

My question is about Top New Authors list. How it is calculated?

I made about 50 sales in Decemeber and since its my second month here i was quite sure i will enter this top, but i can see a lot of people with even less sales there.
Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complain, its just interesting what requirements i should achieve to enter this top?


The clue is: [quote=“Enrize, post:1, topic:24444”]since its my second month here
You are eligible for the Top New Authors list in your first month only (actually in the same month as your first sale).

Yes i thought about it too but there are people who registered even in 2013. That’s what confusing me.

Ah, it seems i’ve got it. It calculates from the month of the first sale. Its funny, because my first sale was something in end of November :smiley:

Topic closed. Happy new year everyone! :slight_smile: