Top New Authors List

Can someone explain how the top new authors list is compiled please? What is the criteria?

Not wanting to put anyone down, but for last month there’s an author who has been a member since 2016, has 2 items and 5 sales in total in 4 years. Surely there are more successful authors.

Thank you.


I think it’s counted from the date of your first upload, not the date which you joined.

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Hi @Sonasrec
What’s your problem? :grin:
If ordinary envy, then I will block this topic!
Because we are all competitors, but we cannot discuss the actions of one author (as well as arrange personal attacks on someone who is more successful than another).
Also … we can not discuss the author as a person in accordance with TOS (his shortcomings or super popular in order to discredit this author on the forum in front of other authors or customers).

We follow a few hard rules. Please DON’T:
Participate in or encourage personal attacks, call out other community members, or sabotage another user’s item. This includes purposely disrupting the conversation, and being aggressively critical without making any constructive contribution.

My apologies. I shouldn’t have mentioned someone in particular, that was silly of me. There was no envy. I just should have asked how it was calculated.

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As mentioned by @criskcracker, Top New authors list for June consists of authors that uploaded their first item in June. Many authors have been registered as authors for months and even years before they upload anything, or get anything accepted. This seems to also be the case for everyone on the list currently :grinning: (I remember spoiling any chance of getting in that list when my first item got accepted on December 31st. I didn’t get any sales in the remaining hours of that month)


Thank you for that explanation. It didn’t make sense to me before now. Much appreciated.