Top New Authors - How?



I fellow contributors. Im a member from november with my first file approved late march. i noticed that there is a top new authors list for april. Is this list for exclusives only? i have sold 11 times in april but do not appear on the list. This is by no means a rant or a complian - im just curious if you know the criterias getting on the list.

All the best.


Nope, you just needed to have your first item approved in April instead of March to be featured on the top new authors list of April.

Now you should aim for the sky, aim to be on the top new author list!
Good luck! :smile:


I got caught out by this when I first started on AJ last year - uploaded my first approved track in May and then got some good sales in June and thought I’d get into the top new authors list. But it all has to happen during the month in which you first uploaded a track!


Don’t worry too much about this list. The help for sales is from little to zero.


Ty for the kind answers. Much appreciated. Have a nice day (-:


Yeah, the only reason I think is you’re member from november, but uploaded new items little bit later. I had the same situation. So don’t worry, just do good stuff :wink: