Top 4 Recommendations to Optimize the SEO of your Envato Market Item Pages + SEO Q&A!

Nice article .
I have a curiosity @katehunter .
If I buy domain with the name theme for demo, help at optimization?
Thank you !

Great article, thanks a lot @katehunter! :wink:

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Hi @katehunter,

thanks for the article, very interesting.

My question is about the search algorithm of themeforest marketplace, I give an example.

I have 3 items in my portfolio of the same argument, this because are the PSD, WORDPRESS and HTML version of the same theme.

I create the exact description for my three items, I know that this is not a good practice for search engines but this is something that also happens on the search algorithm of ThemeForest ?

My works could be penalized in your search results for that?

Thanks so much.

Hi @ThemeMakers

The tips I’ve shared for SEO are for Google and other public search engines. They don’t necessarily correlate to the Envato website search function.

You know your stuff @YellowTea :slightly_smiling:

Canonical execution on our websites is something we’re continually trying to improve. In this particular example, it looks simple but executing it well, at scale, is not so simple. Rest assured that we care about these technical executions and we are always working to improve.

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You’re really putting me to the test @surjithctly :grinning:

  1. Repetition of a keyword for the sake of repeating it won’t help your rankings because it won’t help your audience understand your product.

  2. SMO is a great strategy. Social sharing attracts further sharing and sharing creates awareness of your brand and product.

  3. It really depends on how many of these links you’ve attracted and if they’re the only links you have. Search engines only value quality links from reputable sources. If you have a high volume of links to your item, and all are low quality it could be detrimental. But many sites have a mix of good and spammy and aren’t penalised because, unfortunately, spam links happen. If you feel your item may have attracted an unnatural and detrimental amount of poor quality backlinks - let us know.

  4. This happens when Google feels there is more relevant (to the users search query) text somewhere else on the page. To help maintain control of the message your search engine users see, follow tip 2 in the article.

  5. It depends what you’re trying to rank for - you should always put the term you most prefer to rank for at the start of item title.

  6. Exact match domain names were devalued by Google some years ago. Having a separate domain name per item you own isn’t any more beneficial than having
    There is a BUT - buying the exact match domain name is good best practice. It prevents another person or business from purchasing it.

  7. I think your portfolio does a great job with descriptive and understandable language. I’d suggest checking your character limits as per items 1 and 2 in the tip list.


Thank you @katehunter !

Hi @Ca2,

It’s not necessarily because of ‘SEO’. There are a lot of factors that can contribute to sales or lack of sales at any point in time.
If you received sales shortly after uploading to the website but less or none since, what likely contributed was your item being featured in the ‘new items’ sections of the website at the time.
Seasonality ie. the frequency of which people can be looking for something depending on time of year (other other factors) can also contribute to a decline or uplift in sales. You can use Google Trends to explore this.


Happy to help @thezoc :slightly_smiling:

Can Envato allow Videos (Product Intro Video or Explainer Video) to embedded in item description? As far as I have read, it will be good for SEO of our item page?

Currently, we have to redirect buyer’s to third party links?

A service like Wystia is perfect for this.

Need your expert advice and your thoughts on this @katehunter

Thanks to @katehunter for an helpful article.

Some questions:

  1. Sometime there is 3-4 results from ThemeForest for a keyword, sometime only one there. What is Envato considering to do to have more results from Google? What should authors do to have their item there (beside 4 tips from you)?

  2. When I change an item title, its slug will being change. Does it effect to SEO?


We’ll be migrating all of the Envato Market pages to HTTPS in coming months.

Awesome tips :slight_smile:

@katehunter great AMA! I’ve learned a lot there. My 2 cents:

  1. How is the proportion of importance between On Site / Off Site optimization. Does it looks like 20/80 or 50/50?
  2. How important is ThemeForest collection in SEO? I’ve noticed that some collections are indexed by Google and also drives some traffic.


Thanks for taking time for the answer :slight_smile:

I was mentioned this (which I am about to write) many times (this is about the SEARCH users perform FROM the marketplaces)…:

When users perform a search on ThemeForest (or on any envatoMarketplace), they sometimes see 5 - 6 or even more items from the SAME AUTHOR on the SAME SearchResults’Page they are looking at the moment.

A user searches for a term, and they are now looking at a SearchResults’Page. Hey , but there are 5 or 6 items from the SAME author there!. WHY is that? Instead of doing this, why don’t you give some chance to other authors’ items too? WHY Don’t you give a chance to some other author’s items Instead of displaying 5 or 6 ( or even more ) items from the SAME author on the SAME SearchResults’Page? @katehunter

Don’t you think that this is injustice to other authors?

Doing this should be very easy (IMHO), for example an algorithm like “if a search results’ page has more than 2-3 items from the Author AnthonyHopkins, THEN display some other author’s items instead of adding the items from AnthonyHopkins because his 2 or 3 items are already listed on the SAME SearchResults’Page that we are looking at the moment.”

Truly shocked that this wasn’t implemented yet. How there can be 5 or 6 items (or even more) shown on the same SearchResults’Pages from the very SAME AUTHOR??? This is truly injustice.


Thanks for sharing this fantastic post @katehunter! Very helpful tips :smiley:

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###Just a couple more days of the Q&A to go!

Be sure to post your question by tomorrow so Kate can try to help with an answer before the end of the week. Some great questions and information in this thread so far, keep those questions coming! :slight_smile: