Top 4 Recommendations to Optimize the SEO of your Envato Market Item Pages + SEO Q&A!

Kate Hunter is the Organic Search Manager at Envato and has written an awesome article for Envato Market authors to help improve item page SEO:

##Top 4 Recommendations to Optimize the SEO of your Envato Market Item Pages


##Ask Kate your SEO questions!

After you’ve read the above article, we’d also like to invite you to post your SEO-related questions this week (until Friday AEST) right here in the forums. Kate will be dropping-by each day to help answer any questions you may have. Fire away! :slight_smile:


“4. HTTPS image hosting”

Why can’t envato provide this? Honest question, is it that hard to give each author a couple MB to host images that will only be shown inside the envato marketplaces?


Great initiative!!

Kate, let me fire up some quick questions:

  1. We’re currently pushing our changelogs into the item’s description page. They’re wrapped into pre tags and for a while i thought hey, i’d better add a ton of this stuff, maybe it’ll help for SEO. Noticed it didn’t actually. Is there any known indexing restriction for such content wrapped in these tags? Would you recommend dropping them into an external source rather than filling up the page?
    PS: As a platform feature request, would be great to have a Changelog tab for items.

  2. While text content is much better than images, for indexing purposes; in terms of “item description page / landing page”, images seem to be more compelling though. For improving SEO, do you think it’s better to drop images in favor of text content?
    PS: Another platform feature request, it would be great to have more freedom to add content (eg: some CSS here and there). I’ve used tables and they’re not quite ok. Or instead of freedom, a CSS toolkit/framework for authors to use internally for item description would be great.

Thanks Kate!!



ssl is free nowdays

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Same question even if SSL wasn’t necessary. If it’s in the interest of both envato and authors, it shouldn’t be so hard to allocate some space just for this purpose of hosting the item page’s images.

Speaking for myself, it would be really nice to have some MB on envato servers just to host images used on item pages, profile page and collections pages.


Hi Kate,

I’ve got a couple of questions here:

  • What are the best html tags to use, to highlight the keywords. (i.e. li, em, b, strong whatever else?). Does it make any sense using them?
  • How many keywords/keyphrases and their variations per item page should I use to have more convertions?
  • The themeforest’s item search algorithm has changed recently, right? all the previous item description changes are not that valuable as I see… Would you mind giving a few more hints like best practices :slightly_smiling:


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Great question @sightsignal! We don’t have any plans to offer https image hosting at this time but we’ve certainly investigated the pros and cons (cost admittedly being one of the downsides) but because of the importance, we wanted to provide the information so that those wishing to optimize effectively, have the opportunity to do so.


Hi @hogash, thanks for the questions!

Re: 1) More information in text form is a great thing for both users and search engines. I wouldn’t add it for the sake of adding it though - make sure it’s helpful information. I’d suggest change logs are but I wouldn’t add them to the top of your item description.

Re: 2) Research shows that images aren’t necessarily more compelling for users or search engines. This piece of recent research into ranking factors states that ‘Content with at least one image significantly outperformed content without any images. However, we didn’t find that adding additional images influenced rankings.’


Hi @ThemeMakers!

Apart from your page title (title tag), meta description and heading mark ups (in the case of items is your item name) there aren’t any HTML tags that will highlight keywords for the benefit of search engines. If you’d like to use markups like li, em, b, strong etc. be sure that they’re being used for the benefit of your users.
There is no guide to volume of keywords/key phrases or variations per item page. Search engines, particularly Google, are only interested in useful content. Always provide useful, descriptive information that helps your users.
Much like Google, the Envato websites search algorithm is also a secret so that the searches are fair to all authors.

Hello! On the website Envato incorrectly configured rel=canonical. As a result of searching out duplicates. The website creates a user page on audiojungle and themeforest and other markets. Example: my userame can be seen not only on audiojungle, but also on other markets:

And all those shots are in the Google index.
In the end this leads to poor ranking of many authors in the Google search. This problem is easily solved. Sorry for my English!

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Hello Kate,

Thanks for the AMA. Here are some questions.

  1. Do you think repetitive keywords in item description and title helps in Google rank? or does that affect badly?

  2. How much is SMO is important? Is that relates to Google ranking?

  3. As you know, we have got many backlinks from 3rd rate nu**led sites. how does that affects in google ranking?

  4. I have seen that sometimes, google takes descriptions from not only the first para, also from the bottom of the page. Kind a random. Why is that?

  5. Recently I tried adding my item name last of the title instead of first. Do you think that helps?

  6. Some authors started buy Domain for each Items to host demo. Does that really helps? Will google give more ranking to those websites?
    Same way Is there any speciaity for the name in domain, sub domain, sub folder & sub sub folder?
    eg: | | |

  7. Any seo tips, you would like to suggest for my items after seeing my portfolio?

Thanks a lot,


Hi. How come that only first day of uploading the track I have a couple of sales and the very next day … nothing!? What am I doing wrong? It’s not music quality because if you heard my music you will conclude that it’s good !
I thing that it’s related to SEO and that I am doing something wrong :frowning:

So, for themeforests’ search algorythm the only 3 things matter. Right? Title, description(meta) and tags or is there anything else?


Nice article .
I have a curiosity @katehunter .
If I buy domain with the name theme for demo, help at optimization?
Thank you !

Great article, thanks a lot @katehunter! :wink:

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Hi @katehunter,

thanks for the article, very interesting.

My question is about the search algorithm of themeforest marketplace, I give an example.

I have 3 items in my portfolio of the same argument, this because are the PSD, WORDPRESS and HTML version of the same theme.

I create the exact description for my three items, I know that this is not a good practice for search engines but this is something that also happens on the search algorithm of ThemeForest ?

My works could be penalized in your search results for that?

Thanks so much.

Hi @ThemeMakers

The tips I’ve shared for SEO are for Google and other public search engines. They don’t necessarily correlate to the Envato website search function.