Tools Licence

Can I create a font generator with tools licence ?

Yes you can but in order to have it approved please make sure that your tool is as per the quality standards as defined by Envato

Can you please share a work scope and features requirements etc. like what will be inside modules and features of that font generator tool !

Am I right in thinking that a font generator is some kind of app/widget where somebody can enter their own text, choose a font and then embed that text/font combo into their site/image etc?

If so, I’d be surprised if that would be allowed with any of the Envato licenses. I could be wrong, so I’d definitely check with support, but I’m guessing that would be classed as on demand usage. Also, due to the existence of such a widget, in theory there would be no need for anybody to buy the authors font ever again. It would probably at least be classed as redistribution of the content.

Buy as I say… best to check with support.

Yes it will be almost like SpaceStockFootage wrote. The text will be on the users body.

How to contact with support ?