Too similar to existing item(s)? All work for nothing.

Hi All,

After be a member for 4 years, i created my own theme.
After spending 100 off hours to create the theme (photoshop, building, marketing pages and documentation), i was very proud to submit my own theme!

After waiting for 9 days, the only thing i got back was the following:

“Unfortunately, your submission is too similar to existing item(s) in our marketplace. Your upload must be a unique concept not based on any existing marketplace item”

That’s all. I was blown away! All that effort, all that work for nothing?
Just wiped away with a canned answer.

You can view my theme here:

In my opinion all blog/magazine templates are build in the same structure/functions.

What do you think? And what can I do about this?

Please let me know, because i’m very disappointed.

Improve typography, spacing, and also on demo site, the mega dropdown doesnt look impressive. Keep trying bro :frowning:

I’ve already got 13 hard-rejection WP themes … no worries! :slight_smile:

thanks for your reply!
13 hard rejections!? Damn man!..

I changed the mega dropdown already a bit, i think i can improve it a little bit. but the strange thing is…
They are just saying, it’s similar to existing item(s) in our marketplace.

They give no suggestion about the layout, or theme. It seems the theme is “OK”, but the only problem is there are more similair? In my opinion all the themes are having the same structure?

Looks great, love your work but as the reviewer suggests, it is too similar to other items. They usually tell you this when there is saturation in the specific category you are submitting to and expect you to bring something new to the table other than what is already available in the existing catalog.

At this point, if you cant think of anything more to add or change, then it is best to work on something new using this item as the base perhaps ? Good luck mate :+1:

Hi Typps,

Thanks for your great feedback and comment! Love to hear it.

It’s frustrating, because i can find over 50+ templates who have similar things/functions.

So, what do you suggest? Another market place?
Sell it by myself?

It’s probably because those other 50 items got accepted before the saturation.
You are late to the party I guess :joy: :joy:

You can attempt a separate market. Always prefer to go through a marketplace during this initial stage of your business as it will make all the difference :ok_hand: Sell it on your own only as a last resort when you have exhausted all your options.

There are several options:

  • be persistent with TF and constantly improve until approval
  • try with another marketplace
  • set your own shop ( you can combine these options, too)
    I know it’s frustrating (we are in the middle of 5th soft rejection, actually), but also it’s possible that after all this time spent looking at your theme you just don’t see anymore what to improve.
    My advice - keep trying until you succeed (applies for life in general, too :wink: )

Hi Typps,

Thanks for your feedback.
Sure, but if i look around; finally everything looks at each other. And if there are 50+ the same templates that sells well, why not 51+? In the end it’s about Envato that makes the money.

What i notice is that people who submitted a theme years ago, and that sells well, much faster get accepted with a same-style-blog/design.

It’s just frustrated that after hundreds of hours the theme get rejected by 4 simple words. There is no additional message, or what to do. I browse the forums here, and i see much people are complaining about this.

@aligatorstudio, thanks for your comment and feedback.
5th rejection already? damn… i wil keep trying, but in my opinion it’s not fair how they reject the theme.

I’m looking also around for other options now. Any advice? Some experience you want to share?