Too proud to ask for help


A few of these programmers need to ask
for help. Have purchased a few scripts on here total garbage its truly disappointing.
Some had great potential. No one like to feel that they are taken for a ride. Programmers
if you re unsure ask for help before you sell your product enough already. Envato you should encourage this


Yes that’s right. This sometimes we are facing the same issue and for that we are doing many research before buying anything from the market. And also there are many helping information there such as trending flag, Number of Sales, featured or not and so other points that might guide you to which is good and which is not, For sure sometimes you need to be risky with some scripts

Janxcode Team


It has been a while since been on this forum and truly disappointed with the lack of integrity of authors, I have purchased several programs even paid extra for support. Not sure what purpose are some of these authors if you know what you are doing stand behind your product fix issues that are presented. is it greed what is it. These people chose to use this format to sell their product. A lot of these programs are buggy. I truly hope Envato will do a better job. Its not about the money its the principle noone looking for a refund just for people to just do right and stand behind their work