Too much taxes and author fee

There is too much taxes and author fee…i am only getting only 34% from 100% sale…whyyyy??? This is not good for motivation OR for work…

Your tax payout is over 30%??

I think no, i have earned $93 in previous days… Envato auto deduct tax which is $26 and author fee which is $34.98… I have total earned after deduction is $32.02 …is this fair ??

Have you filled out your tax information? If not, they are legally required to assume you’re a United States citizen and will withhold tax from all of your sales.

That’s a very important point @allenherbert mentioned and hate to break it to anyone but Envato don’t control country or personal tax rates - that’s going to be the same regardless of the marketplace.

Thank you…i have updated tax information i am outside the us citizen… Can i claim tax money ?

There’s no way to immediately reclaim the withheld taxes, but if your country has a tax treaty with the United States, I think you may be able to get some of it back when filing your taxes locally (not 100% sure on this though - always best to consult your tax adviser or accountant about this stuff).

Envato will send you a US tax form 1042 in early 2018 with tax withheld listed.