Too Much Greed, Support Renewal Fees

Why is a 6 month support renewal so expensive. Imagine you purchase a Wordpress Theme for $60.00 and the support is $42.00 every six months. So support is actually costing more than the actual theme.
I do understand that Authours cannot keep giving support for free because time is money but this 6 months support renewal fee is just too exorbitant.
It is not like I am purchasing a whole new theme, I may just need one problem fix, or have one question but I need to pay $42.00 every six months just for 1 question or problem. Hmm interesting.
No wonder the world is the way it is today with so much hate, terrorism, etc. because it all stems from greed.

I appreciate it’s not cheap, but a decent WordPress developer would probably charge $50 to $100 an hour for custom work (maybe lower in certain instances)… so if your issue takes one hour to fix then that’s about right, or cheap.

Yes, some issues may take fifteen minutes or less, but some may take several hours, so there has to be some kind of tradeoff when it comes to the price. If a second support issue arrives, or a third one within the next six months… then you’re getting a bit of a bargain. Especially as the author only gets 70% of that $42.

And although it may work out to more than the theme, the author didn’t have to do anything when it comes to the initial payment you made. Yes, they put loads of work into designing, creating, fixing, testing and marketing the theme, which resulted in you buying it in the first place… but their 900th sale cost them no more than their 899th sale.

With support, the author has to actually commit their time to you… which takes them away from developing new items, making updates, fixing bugs etc.

In that respect, I think it’s pretty reasonable. But I guess you have to ask yourself, which is more important… $42 or having your issue resolved?

So yeah, maybe it could be a bit less, maybe it could be a bit more… but it’s probably in the right ballpark area when it comes to the price. I’d say it’s definitely not being greedy.


We only do a customization work if it’s more than $50, I think it’s cheap :smiley:
Someone earns thousands dollar with our $59 themes :slight_smile:

I’m ok with paying current level support fees… especially if developer continues to support the theme, makes timely updates, etc…
I am concerned with current pricing in themes though (over $1k) in some cases

Authors get to pick their prices now, and the prices aren’t reviewed.

Just don’t buy a theme if it costs $1000.