Too many rejections in a row ((

Guys, I have 9 approved thracks on audiojungle and have been receiving rejects for 7 (!) months after the last approval
Could you please check my style, mastering, etc…

Here are my last 5 rejected tracks:


any comment will be very useful :slight_smile:

Sorry to hear that, I’m new in AJ and they rejected all my upload and reply with a computer generated email with no guideline of what went wrong in my tracks. I hope they at least give a simple comment of what they heard and what they don’t like about it so we as new members can learn and improve ourselves.

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Guys, any suggestion? even small feedback will be superuseful :upside_down_face:

me too i had 2 rejects for 2 simple ringtones. i was follow they suggestion to listen the most sold ringtones, i tryed to make it one similar and i get rejected again. i study a melody, i made sound like the best sold ringtone and my files get reject…is frustrating cause if u go listen amny others uploads are worse than what i was upload. u can find ringtones made with 2 notes and are accepted. u check around the site u find some audio uploaded and sold like the sound of flush of the toilet but they reject a studyed emlody using a mail with “This item does not meet the general commercial quality standard required to be accepted on AudioJungle, unfortunately.” where we can find this quality standard?

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Hi red_carlos,
most of the instruments sounds outdated, two tracks with horrible resonances, sub and bass definition is one of the most mistakes, no depth in your songs. Hope this will help.


Loopstore thanks for your comment. Could you please point out the numbers of tracks with resonances so that I’ll investigate them?

every time I upload something they reject the best tracks and approve the worst one… I don’t know how it works.

))) Maybe it’s worth making tracks worse and worse… - finaly have accepted track )) thanks everyone for the support and answers:grin: :grin:

what you did to make them to accept it?

Actually accepted track wasn’t very special or unusual. I think some mine rejected tracks were even better. Have no idea what are the criteria :thinking: