Too many quality item rejection!

Is reviewer team gone mad? They are rejecting too many quality items these days in print category. Even, they are rejecting bunle items!! This is ridiculous. Does envato recruit new reviewer? Envato should find out and give a solution to this problem.


Indeed the review process is a disaster…

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Maybe your items are not as high quality as you write about it. Sorry, but instead of blaming the reviewers, you can show your rejected items here so that other forum members can help you figure out what the problem might be…

pls show your items, I will try to let u know honestly what I think about them :slight_smile: sometimes having an eye from the outside is helpful as this is not always easy to have the required distance from our own works


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@romlam ok lets say the new designs are not to the imaginary “quality standards” of each reviewer individually because there is not a collective standards in GR and is up to the reviewers taste that this is wrong from the moment there is review process should be a standard to all and not on the taste of the reviewer, then why to reject a bundle of already accepted designs in the market? it makes no sense that my designs are already for sale and i bundle them then why to get rejected? explain this then. Did you ever thought that maybe is an issue going on in the review team and they need to figure it out? 10 years in the market first time i see so much inconsistency in the accepted and rejected designs. There is not 1 unified quality standard but many. P.S. support claimed sometimes is human error hmmm human error with my money? unacceptable from a billion dollars company that wants to brag about it.


We can’t comment on the bundle or rejection issue that you are facing as we do not sell items on our account, but on the ‘standards’ point - could you explain what this might look like?

We (and I am sure envato) would be really interested to understand how they could define design principles without a layer of subjectivity from the reviewer?

Have you ever made an essay? If you did then there is a skeleton structure to the requirements and all essays must follow that. If you agree that the review should be to the liking of each reviewer then i am sorry this market is falling apart from review standard point because they are many inconsistencies in the quality of the accepted designs. And for the support to name it as human error on some cases then this is unacceptable when you are handling the “money” and livelihood of so many people in your hands! Step back and thing if human errors were happening in accounting. our designs=our money

Also if you take with subjectivity then everyone has to be accepted because as you want to point out that design is subjective to taste. There is no structure in review process like it used to be and i am selling here 10 years and i saw many review process going so well but the last 2 years is going from bad to worse. When i see designs unique and with work and effort on them pass then i say yes they raise the quality but then i see some designs that i can make in Microsoft word or with no design principles applied to them then this is very inconsistent

I agree with you that there are/will alwyas be inconsistencies - given the huge increase in the volume of submissions will not help with this.

Nevertheless, a yes/no standard seems impossible. Even the ‘Essay’ annalogy - it’s still possible to be ‘wrong’ with what is written/have typos/be poorly written etc.

hi indeed I like it , I think this is a rather cool job overall, of course, there could have some things improved here and there but indeed the look is fresh and globally attractive if u ask me. I guess the main problem is that the central title looks somehow distorted a bit, what is too bad I assume that u should also have blurred the waffle slightly to make the thing more realistic a bitand that the shadow under the glass on the right could be made smoother, more realistic and aesthetic or that finally u could have given a nit more balance a bit to the footer text but honestly for me your creation is overall quite fair

personally I have been working on graphicriver for 12 years, 6 of which (unfortunately) I have been stopped for extra projects.

I have recently come back working here and I must say that the review process is surprising me in a negative way, and I am not only talking about my works, which, at today, about 7 out of 8 have been rejected, but also about the works that I see here on the forum. Excellent graphic works, useful for the users. Obviously I can’t comment on the technical level by not having the source file, but I don’t think it’s a question to be set up, looking at the quality standard.

It has been said previously, and it is something that I think is now clear: the review process depends on the personal tastes of the reviewer himself, which is absurd if we consider the size of this company.

The review process should have depended on unique standards, which makes me think this is not the case looking at what has been going on for some time.

I necessarily had to go back from the exclusivity that I had previously set to be able to upload my works elsewhere and no one, no one, refused me what instead is promptly removed here.

I am desperately trying to renew my portfolio, because as I said I have been out for a long time and the products I have are very dated, even if they received a decent volume of sales and were constantly selling, at least until the envato algorithm does not decided to downgrade me permanently.

Now the reviewers are brought in too. We just want to work. I don’t think it’s difficult to understand.
Ultimately, I understand quality control … but how is it in the title of this post, has anyone gone out of their mind? probably.


I must agree that reviewers have “personal taste”. Like @Catkie, I chose to leave Envato aside and continue in the market where my work and effort are highly recognized and translate into financial value. You can’t imagine anyone judging your work by personal taste here. There are thousands of designers who invest their time and efforts in trying to make a living from their creations and are faced with a lack of standard approval. I actually had 9 bounces out of 10 submitted!! A few remarks like @n2n44 helped me to increase my knowledge, not that I’m not a professional, but we are subject to learning every day. Unfounded rejections discouraged me from continuing to invest time in this platform I have been using for many years!! Well, I only wish good luck to those who still prefer to continue and I am in favor of new reviewers for assessments with global criteria, not personal !!



u are right we all can learn from others and on a daily basis , this is good to make the most of it when open-minded enough for this :slight_smile: doubting is necessary to produce something good if u ask me though doubting too much is not that good and can have negative consequences too , there is a middle way to find

times have changed ever since there … the marketplaces are way more saturated, there are way more people in town and thus there is definitely a need to reject more not to have all the items drowned immediately , if the reviewing system is not perfect , the ones without one is not any better to say the least

What you mean is certainly correct, but perhaps a little synthetic compared to what I meant :slight_smile:
the review process is necessary. Personally, I don’t use marketplaces where there aren’t any, on the contrary, the ones I use are also quite selective and I think it’s a useful thing.
The matter is slightly different; we are talking about the revision process which, as far as necessary, on graphicriver and in any case the whole envato network in general, has something wrong and I am not (unfortunately) the only one to say that. If there are many complaints about this, every day, then obviously something is not working as it should.

Lastly, I find the work of the reviewers one of the most useful, but it must be done well and following certain standards, otherwise the hard work of thousands of users is nullified.

Obviously this is a personal opinion, shareable or not.

Both Hard rejected after working about one week to make them.
Each element in the image is model in 3D then each image is rendered and the render takes about 6 to 12 hours to make it.
Then everything is put in Photoshop
Is probably more than 1 week but the reviewer probably spend like 2-3 mins to take a look are
and rejected.
Is just crazy.

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i need help
for my logo

These type of mockups works well few years ago. Nowadays you can find free Photoshop files with a simple search. The demands for this items has decrease over the years.

but my file is

I love it. It’s a really beautiful mockup. I am not sure about this, but I read somewhere, in the authors hub, that you cannot insert your own logo in the project file. Did you removed it before upload?