Too long to review my project why...?

I submitted my after effects project last 5 days ago and in the Envato official site, it’s written 4 days to review the project.

This is my project

This is the Envato review site.

Where is it written that it will take 4 days to review your project?

New items take 4 days. It written in the review site of Envato

That’s what you think it says, but that’s not what it actually says. It says that the stated number is the average time that all items took to review over the past seven days. Although it’s an indicator of when your item will probably get reviewed… how long other items took to review isn’t a sure-fire predictor of how long your item will take to review.

Combine that with the fact that items hardly ever get reviewed on a weekend and it’s safe to say that your item will probably be reviewed today or tomorrow.

Oh! thanks a lot @SpaceStockFootage I got it

@akmograph the average review time is typically 4-7 days. Recently, we’ve been able to review items within 1-2 days, but with it being the summer holiday season, we are currently short-staffed. Your item should be reviewed shortly. Thanks for your patience.