Token Verification for WordPress themes

Hello - I am an envatoelements subscription customer and I downloaded a Theme called “Smarty” for a school - made by Stylemix Themes (great work!) but it asks me for a token to verify the theme however I downloaded it form Elements and not from ThemeForest. How do I verify it?

Due to the nature of the unlimited subscription items on Elements do not come with any author support. Please see this Help Article.


I am not seeking help - I am saying that there is an error in your system. There is no point in me paying $250 per year for items I cannot use. The licensing method explained in the help page is supposed to work automatically - but doesn’t. It’s like selling someone a lock without a key and then saying sorry you have to make your own lock. What’s the point?

Technical support implies difficulties that are not a part of manufacturing error. If you want to run this service fairly - please advertise it on point of purchase as “products may be unusable” then it would be fair. But there is no mention of anything like that. Advertising yourself as a depository of broken items would be more correct.

You should be able to use the theme without entering a purchase code. Is there perhaps a skip button?

If not, contact Elements support: Elements Help Ticket

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