Today My First sale!


Hi all! Let me introduce myself to you. I just had my first sale. I have 10 items for sale and fifty pending. Do you have any advice and guidance to start? Thank you all. I’m happy to be here. Have a nice day. BlueBuddy


Congrats, mate! :slight_smile:


Congratulations for your first sale :slight_smile: I just have advice for you, focus on quality and creativity not quantity :slight_smile:


Thanks for the advice. Cheers.


Congratulations mate :wink:


Yes! You need some followers to look legit! I just followed you.

Nice track, and your “Action Trailer” is quite nice as well.


Congratulations, the first sale of very motivating :slight_smile:


Congrats! The first sale is a great experience!


The first sale is a real thrill. If you focus on quality and composing tracks for specific uses, you will do fine in the long term. Congrats!


Congrats ! I wish many more ! :slight_smile:


Congrats dude !!!


Congratulation! I heard it’s better to upload regularly and keep the quality high, rather that try to make loads of tracks over a longer time period then upload them all at once. It takes about a month to get a track approved at the moment so if you can submit 2 or 3 track a week and keep it regular you should do ok. I’m no expert though. Don’t let it get you down if anything is rejected either. Just keep trying as it takes ages to get established here anyway. I’m just new to this aswell and that was the advice I was given by an established artist. Good Luck!!!


Congratulations, @BlueBuddy! The first sale is always the best! Here’s to many more. :tada:

I’ll mirror what the others have said above and say that quality is paramount if you want to really sell here. That, and make sure you’re having fun making the music you love.

Good luck on your journey through the jungle! :wink:


All authors more sales !!!


Ah, mate welcome to the forums! We’re in the same boat, really :slight_smile:

Have some good work!


Good job sir!!! Welcome to the community!


Guys, thank you for taking your time to encourage me. I 'm proud to be your Buddy! Blue! Thanks a lot.
All i want is progress. Music is our chance to fell free.


Feels great, doesn’t it?