Today Is my Birthday: 2 years

Well… Today it’s a great day… today I’m just want to say that I’m right now two years old… and It’s a big pleasure to be here sharing a lot of stuff, learning and listening a lot of great songs from great music creators… I’m growing as author and music composer thanks to you, to the community… And I hope I’ll keep growing.
I’m not great with speakings but it’s all about share my joy with you! :smiley:
good luck and big successes for everybody :smiley:


Happy Birthday MusicLFiles! Much success to you too! :tada:

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lol :joy::joy::joy::joy:

Happy Birthday! @MusicLFiles :tada::confetti_ball:

thank you @MidnightSnap :smiley: big successes for you!

thanks @AlekseyZhdanov have a nice weekend and big successes for the future!

Happy Birthday @MusicLFiles :birthday::ice_cream::doughnut::cookie:

Thank you!!!