Today I'm a Elite Author!

Today I’m a Elite Author, and it was very sooner than I expected.

Over one year ago, I began a project that I only was able to publish it one month ago. And what happened from there I couldn’t even imagine. I want to share this experience with you.

I really believed at this project potential so I made some preparation to release it.

First, I did all my best to create a great product, something that could really help people to get the job done, in an amazing way.

Second, I created a campaign on my Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc to help me to spread it’s idea. Every week I used to post something related to what the project could be used to create, or something very cool about it. In this case it was just character animations and the user interface that I created to control these characters.

Well, people really loved it, I got a lot of followers, and they began to ask me about the project, what exactly was that, when I would lanch it, how to get access to it.

At this point I understood that I had to have a way to get in touch with all these guys when I finnaly get ready with the project. I had to have a mail list!

So I created a [page] (’m not sure if I can share this link here, but a moderator will let me know for sure :slight_smile:), with the objective to make people understand how the project works, and get interested enough to subscribe to my ‘waiting list’.

By the day that I posted my project, my list had about 860 emails, with people that are interested on my project. I had 2,000 names at my facebook page, and 5,000 followers at my Instagram account, and may others at my Vimeo and Youtube.

More than that, I developed relation with some of these guys, who really were interest in all that they could do with my product, and it was awesome.

So I got that email from the Envato Market: [VideoHive] Your Item was Approved for Sale. Wow, no need to review it? I really getting better on this, hu?

It was time to put in action climax of my campaign: I shared the video preview of my item in every social media that I had, and through my mailing list, with a message about how happy I was to finally release this item, all the hard work involved on it, and how confident I was that the product was really very useful and great to use.

I really think that all this effort gave me a head start, because I made 22 sales at the first week, and figured at the top sellers of the week.

A couple of days later I was selected as Featured Author and Item of the Week. That was amazing, because my item got an big exposure.

And at least, I had my item selected to be part of the Cyber Monday.

I had this new item published for one month now, and it sold 220 licenses… 221… 222!!! It keeps selling while I’m reviewing this text.

One month ago I thought that maybe in one year I could become an Elite Author. Today I’m. Thanks to my hard work, I have no doubt on that, but really thanks to this amazing community that is Envato.


What an amazing story! I applaud your preparation and commitment to an idea. Congratulations on your success :tada: :slight_smile:

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What a great success story and by the looks of it you really know how to market your ideas! Congrats!

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Good luck with more and more sales, @2DeadFrog!

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Congratulations :star_struck:

Congratulations! @2DeadFrog :tada: