Today I hit 700 sales! :)

it was a long way, now 300 more to go until 1000 milestone!
thanks all the buyers! :wink:


congrats :slight_smile:

Congrats, bosone! Nice achievement. 1000 is not far away :smiley:

Congratulations! :smiley:

Congrats ! :slight_smile:

congrats! good luck

Congrats mate,

Congratz :smiley:

Congrats :grinning:

Ho Nice. Congrats… more way to go :slight_smile: 1000 is not away :slight_smile:

Great! Wish you more sales.

Thanks everyone!!!

Congrats!!! : -)

Congrats! Wishing you many more sales.

well done, good job, good luck for more :wink:

wonderful mate, You have made an achievement

Congrats :slight_smile: Way to go!

Congrulations :clap: