Today 3 chargebacks in a row on our Affiliate Dashboard

Hello there!

I write here because today something weird happened in our affiliate dashboard (picture attached). We never had any referral deducted and today suddenly it was 3 in a row:

Can someone from Envato discover what happened? We’re dedicating a lot of efforts to our marketing to bring new customers here.

Thank you very very much! :slight_smile:


If you mouse over the (i) icon, you’d probably see that 11d is the reason why it’s been reversed.

Thank you @ki-themes! Yes, I saw it, but it’s weird. We have been 1-year bringing customers non-stop (last month 150) and we never had any chargebacks before.

Why today not one but three? It’s just weird.

No idea- it happened once or twice to me, too

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Most likely those users initiated chargebacks. What do you see when you go to their profiles?


Oh yeah… their profiles doesn’t exist anymore. That’s strange.