To vinyl or not to vinyl, that is the question

Greetings Junglers!

I have a track that I have just finished and am ready to submit, but I am wondering about one thing.

The track is an old school funk track and I have used a vinyl sample to help give it that old school vibe. However, I am concerned that potential buyers might hear it as just noise and pass it over.

Have any of you used vinyl samples in productions tracks before? If so, do you think it impacted your sales negatively. I could certainly offer a version without the sample, but I am torn on whether to include the vinyl sample version at all. I think it gives it a great vibe but I am not sure how others might hear it.

Pros? Cons? I am particularly interested in feedback from anyone who has actually added a vinyl sample to a track that was approved for sale.

Thanks in advance!



I have done it, my friend, no problems when uploading, no problems selling it )

Vinyl, funk and breakbeats are like three inseparable brothers!

Thanks for the responses. I am going to include a version without the vinyl sample just in case, but I am going to lead with the vinyl-ized version.

Appreciate the feedback.

It’s probably best to use both. Not everyone who uses funk music wants it to sound like it was actually recorded on vinyl in the 70’s and being played on an old record in 2015. Also note that if a scene is supposed to take place in the 70’s, they wouldn’t have played the soundtrack in the film or TV from a record. It would have been played back from a reel-to-reel recording, probably using Dolby noise reduction.

I would definitely provide both versions as its a preference thing - vinyl noise can absolutely add that old skool feeling, its popular in certain more underground house tracks as it really adds something - never underestimate the power of really quiet background noises (Im into field recording when im out and about as you never know what you can record and use)

Just a follow up. The track was released a little over a week ago with vinyl and non-vinyl versions and has already sold a couple of times. Glad I included both. No idea if it played into buying decisions but I am sure it did not hurt.

Thanks again for the feedback.