"To update your item, you must meet these requirements: Preview Image is required"

Is this a bug or are you telling me that if I want to change a single tag or the price of any of my 500+ items, i have to update the preview with and HD image first otherwise I can not edit anything??

I’ve contacted support about this, let’s hope this gets fixed soon.


Here’s the announcement. But by the sounds of it, it should be optional unless the item is on Elements… unless these larger images will be used for the marketplaces as well.

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Hey, thank you for letting us know about this issue, this is now fixed.

To clarify, you only need to use high res preview images on new items uploaded onto both Market and Elements. You’re able to use high res preview images on your existing items, however this is optional.

If you have any other issues updating exisiting VideHive items please let me know by replying in this thread :slight_smile:

Update: For existing items, if you’re updating/changing your preview image, you will need to ensure it meets the new high resolution preview specs, which are 1920x1080px (minimum) or 2560x1440px (recommended).
If you’re making other changes to the item, such as changing the price, or tags, etc. you are not required to update the preview image.


Hey Mini_Lou thanks for the reply!
All good now, i ve just updated some tags and everything went fine!! =)

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I have issues also when I click "Complete this section to publish your item on Envato Elements”

We’re having some problems logging you in.
Please contact customer support for help.

Also, when I go to https://elements-contributors.envato.com I don’t see items listed. (I followed the steps regarding videohive edit item)

Basically, when I go to https://elements.envato.com/

I get this:

And I AM logged into https://elements-contributors.envato.com

@Mini_Lou Just have this message when I tried to change preview image on existing item. its normal? cause its totaly not new item.

This problem still persists:

Preview images on videohive cannot be updated.

I need help with that, I can`t cancel my promotion for now. :joy:

Is it 590x332 the image you’re uploading? If your item is on Elements then you’re seeing the correct error message from what I can tell. If you’re not… then you shouldn’t be getting that error.

Hey @templatesbravo For any existing items, if you’re updating/changing your preview image, you will need to ensure it meets the new high resolution preview specs, which are 1920x1080px (minimum) or 2560x1440px (recommended).

Hey @Efekt_studio

We haven’t moved video items across to be publicly accessible on Elements just yet. Once we have, you’ll be able able to view your items on your Elements portfolio page (here’s an example of an author portfolio).
Please note that your items won’t be immediately shown on the Elements Contributor site when you select your items, as video items are managed via Market. You can check out the process of selecting video items for Elements here.

Thanks! So am I right in thinking that until we update our preview images, none of our items will be available on Elements?

You’re welcome :slight_smile: @SpaceStockFootage. No, updating your preview image for existing items is optional (for both Market and Elements). Having said that, we’d highly recommend that you update your preview images to the highest resolution specs to ensure the best presentation on Elements.

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I cannot see this link “author porfolio” because I get “Unable to sign in” problem which I previously described.

Unfortunately I’m not sure why you’re getting that error @EFEKT_Studio :frowning: I would recommend contacting Customer Support as suggested on the error page, so they can help resolve the issue.

Hi, im having troubles on this. i need to update tags, and im required to reupload the item entirely. more over, the watermark info is really confusing,. i got rejected a video for motion graphics clips that I had to reupload in order to add “emotag” and emoticon" on tags, with this comment>
“Our new upload system automatically generates the Envato watermark for preview videos. By providing a preview video with the watermark, your video now displays the watermark twice. Please resubmit the preview video WITH the watermark again.” (?)

authors info is *and fvl is not longer an option, *

3. Create a Preview Video & Using the Watermark

Create an H.264 MP4 or FLV version of your video at 1920x1080 (or 960x540 for half resolution) and overlay the video watermark when applicable. This will help prevent copyright breach and unauthorized use of your file.

You should only use the watermark in the preview videos for the items where your preview shows the actual item being purchased. For Project Files, or other categories requiring customization, the watermark is not required since customers need access to the source files in order to use the video.

Following categories DO require watermark in the preview videos:

  • Stock Footage
  • Motion Graphics

Following categories DO NOT require watermark in the preview videos:

  • After Effects Project Files
  • After Effects Add Ons
  • Premiere Pro Templates
  • Apple Motion Project Files
  • Cinema 4D Project Files

it is a bit confusing . could you please help me_ ? i haven.t found a related topic near 2022 thanks a lot