To save time :)

To save time of time for me to Moving Magento to new server.
I Purchase “Magento Installer/Duplicator and Moving Tool”

Moving site manually will take an hour, Zip the files and Modify SQL-dump files upload to new server and do resolve the looping admin redirect… etc will take an hours my time.
So to save time and hassle $51.00 good solution!

But this did not work. And contact support and get help get this working… It seem not worth. SO I ask for refund and moving site manually.

Now Author ask what was my “max_execution_time” Need to increase your Settings if the System is to Big and your System Need More Time and It’s Not a Moving Tool Error - it’s a System Error but you Can easy Handle that !

If Tool do not work on Standard Magento installation on Standard system, and need to configure the server to get this working. Then I should I Purchase this and spend time configure System… I could just do it manually! If this tool was Extension that need to to run Magento I have not have problem spend time to configure System! but this is one time use only. So is this worth it to Purchase and Waste hours going back forth with Support?

Been with “Envato Market” several years and been very happy! And Support was very excellent! :slight_smile:

“Envato Market” decline My request for refund and deleted all of my comments and Rating on this :slight_smile:
Now “Envato Market” Nocked out of my account :slight_smile: