To Authors, please organize your AE projects.

I recently bought a template on here, and opening that AE file I almost had a heart attack. No main folders, sub folders, assets folders, nothing. It was just one big mess with 200+ pre comps.

Most agencies and studios keep their workflow like this;
03_ASSETS - With subfolders:

  1. Video,
  2. Images (with sub folders JPEG, PNG, PSD, AI),
  3. Audio (With subfolders Music, SFX, VO)


If you’re selling templates or your work online. Please keep it organized. :slight_smile:


Hi there,
thanks for this valuable feedback, it is good to hear that customers do in fact care about Project file organization so we know it is worth the time.
Any After Effects project in my portfolio is organized in the way you describe it - only thing being different is my Render Comps are in the root and not in a subfolder (as there is mostly only one render comp for my Projects anyway).

Most of the templates I’ve seen here are organized in similar ways - so I think (and hope!) this was just a black sheep and it is rather rare to come across one like the bad example you described.

If I were the author I would appreciate the feedback, so leave him a mail or a comment, he may update the project.


Great advice, @andreasranasen. It’s always best to organize your projects as neatly as possible.

I created a video outlining this several years ago, if any authors care to use it as a guide.


We always appreciate the feedback of customers! Thanks for chiming in with your suggestions! As @Creattive stated, if you’re keen on giving feedback, you can always send messages through author profiles found on the right side contact form! All authors are interested in ways to perfect their products and keep customers happy!

Cheers and Happy Holidays! :slight_smile:


Thanks for valuable feeback @andreasranasen.

Every author should read it before he/she submits item for approval.

And…every reviewer should read it as well! Crystal clear opt for soft reject…

Happy New Year!:fireworks:

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