To all developers: Combine two themes, but use the first one

Hello. My name is Max. This questions goes to all developers or/and designers, and probably requires an understanding on writing code for WordPress. I know barely anything about coding. I hope the category which I´ve chosen is correct.

I´m wondering if I can combine two different themes, but want to use only one of them. I´m already using “Blade”-theme which I bought from Envato Market:

There´s another theme called “Werksatt”:

I´ve already heard about plugins where I can activate one theme on page a and the other theme on page b… that´s not my intention. I want to have the menu from Blade, and the content of some pages from Werkstatt.

I would like to have some pages from Werkstatt-theme to work on my Blade-theme.
(sorry, can´t put more than 2 links inside these comment)

Page 1: Text style:
Page 2: Full screen - Vertical:
Page 3: Full screen - Split:

Both themes are build using the Visual Composer. Is it possible: I buy the Werkstatt-theme as well and add pages to the Blade-theme? If not, does anyone know plugins or add-ons for the Visual Composer to create such effects like on Page 1, 2 and 3?

Thank you for your time, help and efforts. As you probably noticed, my english is not so good. If you don´t understand anything feel free to ask please.

Warm regards.

  • Max

in order this to work here is what u need to do:

  1. Move all vc shortcodes in one place
  2. port any css and js that belongs to shortcodes
  3. Any theme specific functionality port it to the other one…

but maybe you should create a custom one from 0, or just start with new one and search for plugins or pay somebody to build plugins that you need.