Title Pack Price Changed Automatically from $14 dollar in to $7

Special Modern Titles Pack for FCPX sold to 87 buyers it’s price was $14 which was fixed by Envato. The price changed automatically from $14 dollar in to $7 after 21 - Nov - 2017. Whats is the reason for reducing title pack price?. To solve this problem what shall i do?. I attach this statment details with screen shot. Can you help me please?.

Title pack link:

Hi. Your item here page number 2 https://envato.com/cybermonday/#video

Thank you for the information :slight_smile:

Wait, what? They selected your item for the Cyber Monday campaign without your consent? How can that be?

They sent an email to all participants a month ago, and I think everyone who is selected have at one point signed up to be part of promotions.