Title Naming Conventions.

Hi everybody,

I upload my first track 9 days ago. I just see that I did not follow the Naming Conventions. I put the name track in capital letter.Of course I can change That. What do you think is the best? Waiting fo the reviewer to ask me to change that or delate the track now and upload it again with the right Naming Convention.

Thank you for your avice :slight_smile:

I think that you will be asked to change the title (if there really is something wrong). Do you mean all the title with capital letters? You probably accidentally pressed the button “caps lock”?

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Thank you for your answer. Yes all the letters. I did not known and I don’t read carfully the conventions. I hope the track won’t be rejected for this and I will have the possibility to rename the track.

It is clear, but still you decide how to do better (I do not want to give the wrong advice). :slightly_smiling_face: I dont know. :slightly_smiling_face:

You are right this is my choice. I delate the track and I will reload it with the right name :slight_smile:

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Don’t delete. In some cases the reviewer will fix the capitalization issue, or give you an easily corrected soft reject.

To late. It doen’t matter. I will wait…
Thank you very muth for your time both of you :slight_smile: