Title can't contain more than 5-6 words?


So I created these two tracks, which kind of belong to one story, created videos for them, uploaded to SoundCloud, created artwork, inserted tags and so on…

And From Darkness The Fallen Hero Shall Rise
And He Shall Strike Down Upon Thee With Great Vengeance

And when they got approved they are named
"From Darkness The Fallen Hero Shall Rise"
"He Shall Strike Down Upon Thee"

The reviewer said that “we try to keep titles to 4-5 five words maximum if possible”.

I understand that my titles are long, but is it better to call it “Inspiring Vengeance” or “Motivational Superhero”? I’m an artist, ARTist, and I wanted to make my track’s titles look like a quote from bible, and instead I’m getting this shortened lifeless title.

I did everything as the Item “Title Naming Conventions” suggests, and the title contains LESS THAN 100 ChARACTERS.

Why is my track’s visual appeal being ruined for unknown reasons?

If there’s a limitation to word count in title - it should be in the “Item Title Naming Conventions”.




I think there is a logical rule to set a limit for titles as many authors could try to put as many words as possible just to get in the top results for a search. Don’t take it personal you could re-render your images with shorter titles.

Rules should be mentioned in corresponding place, like “Item Title Naming Conventions”.

I’m not lazy with re-rendering images, but WHY must I re-render images, reinsert tags, re-upload ZIP with mp3, ask my friend to re-render video for YouTube, re-upload that HD video, SoundCloud, Twitter, FB…?

I like rules.

If envato likes them too, they should either include this rule in the “Item Title Naming Conventions”, or let that titles as we provide.

Yes, so true there should be an extra effort to set clear rules by Envato staff

I did not know about that. You could have changed the titles to “Rise” and “Vengeance” and then if they click on it they see the image with the full quote. It’s not what you wanted but it might be more effective.


At last some good guys entered and solved this case!
I thought that Art is duying, but it’s still alive!!! )))

Both of my tracks finally got the names, that father (me) gave to them :)))

Thanks to David and Mat!


And He Shall Strike Down Upon Thee With Great Vengeance is an awesome track, love the darker stuff.

I appreciate it, my friend!