titansystems support delay

when purchasing the white label system it says that 6 months of support is included, but I believed that the support would be better, but I bought the zender system, but the responses to my tickets take 15 days, I believe that this is not good in a area like technology where things happen quickly.

It’s marked as:
This author’s response time can be up to 5 business days .

From what I see at the item comments, author is not really active for the last 2 weeks, that could explain the situation.

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the problem is that I am receiving this warning on their system

Your purchase code is invalid.
Further invalid requests will block your domain from our systems!

I don’t know how to solve it, I already have paying customers, how can I wait 15 days?

You need to solve the issue with author, you could request refund if you would like to purchase another item, otherwise, not much option to wait.

Contact and inform that API is down

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