Tired of stereotypes

Hi guys;
I’m really tired of the same stereotypes in templates, always the same, the same layout, the same structure and UI. Photos with stupid people laughing, an unlikely portfolio, or little drawings of silly rockets. If anyone knows of any templates out of the box, let me know.
Thank you

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Unfortunately it has been proven time and time again that despite the logic that a disruptive or creative approach would be a good idea, it is proven and recognized ‘stereotypes’ that sell the best.

Besides for a ‘portfolio’ - a buyer wouldn’t be using the demo content, and instead be inputting their own work - so what the author uses in the demo should make little difference


Thanks Charlie for your comment. I’m not sure about it. I have more than 20 years in this business and the typical portfolio or the images of a banner must go in a second stage. People decide first emotionally, then you will have time to show your work. The best brands, unknown brands included, stand out for being outside the stereotypes. I understand that there is consensus in showing unavoidable elements on a website, such as a portfolio or “who we are”, or some hackneyed set of photo, but a real outstanding (non-disruptive) website demonstrates a high level creativity and professionalism and the company’s philosophy, stereotypes only show that you’re just one of the bunch. A portfolio can be added in a more hidden place, but if you don’t show that you are unique with your website, you will be less so for the client aspiration. At least, the homepage or a intro must be the difference.
Statistics show that the first 7 seconds of view creates a customer concept about your corporate image, and most people are clicker to go away when they discover your have a “copy and paste” site.
I’m just tired to navigate through Envato and see how pseudo plagiarism there is. This is just an opinion to help us to all of us improve our offer in Envato, We need to try to offer different intro pages at least and open the door to new technologies that improve the aesthetical ideas.
If, it’s about to sell a lot, so this marketplace has the risk to be falling in mediocrity. With respect but the quality and creativity leave something to be desired.

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While I personally agree that it would be great to see more inventive solutions - the sales speak for themselves, and authors will inevitably concentrate on the typical basics that offer something for the masses and are proven to sell best, over pigeon holing themselves to a more niche category (be that creative or any other).

Having bought well over 1,000 items from here I can assure anyone that the balance of quality and quantity is vastly ahead of any other competitor. Stock marketplaces are simply not the same as custom work for bespoke clients or projects.


Yes, well said!

I understand your thought and thanks for sharing it, however in terms of sales, best sellers authors are the most creative, most advanced in technology and less stereotyped and not the cheapest:

I’m not sure if they’re the mcdonaldized ones you mention, but that’s not the point of my thread, I don’t want to discuss about that, again, as I mention in my first post, if anyone knows how can I find less “commodity” webstite templates, most atypical in terms of creative, please let me know I’ll be grateful. May be I’m searching with a wrong criteria spending too much time watching the previews. Is any different category where I have take a look?


The one way to potentially find more unique items would be to search by authors. Authors with great ratings and small portfolios (like less than 10 items) will IMHO more likely have some interesting items, at least compared to authors who push theme after theme.

Here is the list of all authors where you can see both rating and number of items in portfolio: