Tips to get the item accepted

What are your tips and suggestions to get the items accepted to Codecanyon?

Which category?

In general, make sure that your item:

  • does not have free alternatives on the net that do the same thing.
  • is useful to the target audience.
  • is well-implemented
  • is documented with an attached file to help people use and apply it.

Make sure that your code:

  • is secure (filter user input, for example).
  • is organized (separate files into different appropriate folders, for example).

Other notes:

  • For PHP libraries, make sure to use OOP in compliance with PSR-0 or PSR-4.
  • For PHP applications, try to include a fully functional and well-designed front end (use bootstrap or something if needed).
  • For JS, CSS categories, design and code quality is extremely important.
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Thanks for detailed answer! Incase of Wordpress category in Codecanyon?